Smugglers Runs – Project Starfire

What is Smugglers Runs?

Smugglers Runs is a competitive off-road rally adventure that includes the discovery of dirt trails, music, and food. A critical mission is assigned to each team that involves smuggling enemy intel, located behind enemy lines, and bringing it back to the Rebel outpost. Throughout this experience, the Smugglers will need to interact with spies that provide clues on where the location of the enemy intel is stored. Be sure not to get caught by the enemy! There is no telling what they might do to you.. or your rig!

What to Expect?

For this Smugglers Runs event, each team will take on the role of one of the Wolverines from the Classic Movie “Red Dawn”. The mission is to find the enemies weapon facility and smuggle out the Starfire Gel Blaster. Plan for this to be an all-day adventure. During the morning brief, each team will be given a map to follow that will include multiple trails leading to the same destination. The navigator will be responsible for more than just spotting the driver over the technical sections. Be on the lookout for clues scattered throughout the trails and you might even stumble upon a secret route. Plan to get out and stretch those legs as some clues may be in locations that will require walking. Will you arrive at the final destination empty handed or can your smuggling team overcome the challenges to find the items that need to be smuggled?


Vehicle Requirements:

The vehicle should be AWD with moderate ground clearance in good working order. All makes and manufacturers are welcome and wanted to create a diverse spread of vehicle types. New off-road drivers as well as seasoned veterans will all be able to complete and enjoy the rally.



Smugglers Runs chose a varying degree of curated trails with the objective that the trail can be completed by most stock off-road vehicles. The trails chosen are meant to be an enjoyable challenge for the whole family. If you like a challenge, more technical trails are an option but are not required to complete the adventure and reach the destination.

When & Where?

A new route for the Smugglers Runs off-road adventure makes its debut in 2023. This route will start in Barstow and end in Big Bear.

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$355 Event Registration includes the following:

  • Event entrance fee for driver and navigator (additional passengers also available for additional fee)
  • Curated on-road and off-road trail ride with thematic experience
  • Obstacles and challenges along the route
  • Clues and puzzles for the team to solve
  • Interactive experience with characters to negotiate your way through the checkpoints
  • Catered lunch and dinner
  • Drinks and snacks throughout the day
  • Prizes for winning teams first, second and third place
  • Raffle tickets for chance to win additional prizes

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